People with lived experience of mental health issues, their families, friends and supporters are invited to hold a conversation about engagement and participation and to report back to us your views and ideas.

What is the conversation about?
There are 5 key questions to guide your conversation:
  1. What does engagement and participation in mental health mean to you?
  2. How do you currently engage and participate in mental health care, support or treatment? What works well and what makes it work well?
  3. How would you like to engage and participate in the development of mental health policy and service development?
  4. What benefits and outcomes do you receive from engagement and participation in mental health? What would you like to receive?
  5. What should the future or next generation of engagement and participation in mental health look like and involve?
Your conversation helps us understand what is important to people with lived experience of mental health issues, their families, friends and supporters in regards to engagement and participation.

How long does a community conversation take?
Your conversation may go for about an hour and half.

Who should participate in a community conversation?
Anyone with lived experience of mental health issues and/or sucidality. It might be you and/or a family member or friend.

Additionally, Sandi Taylor is organising some yarns with Indigenous communities and Leanne Craze and Bè Aadam are organising a conversation with refugee and asylum seekers and a conversation with people with experience of the justice system.

Is my input anonymous?
All responses will remain anonymous and will not be used in a way that can identify a respondent or a service.

How do you hold a Community Conversation?
The 1st step is to register your conversation by clicking the green button here
or contact Ross on M: 0428 242 879.   E: Ross.Craze@bigpond.com

Our registration form asks you to provide your name contact details and to tell us a bit of information about when and where your conversation will occur. 

The 2nd step, is to organise your conversation. The following information will assist you.

When do you need to hold a Conversation?
Anytime between now and 31st August.

What do you need to do before hosting your Conversation?
Decide where you want to host it – all you need is somewhere comfy to talk and this information pack. You might like to meet a café, a park, a community room, a church, at work, or somewhere else you know of. Alternatively, you might wish to meet online or via Skype or Zoom. 

Who do you invite?
You might like to invite your family, friends, fellow service users, colleagues or members of a group you are part of. 

How do you prepare for your Conversation?
  • The Conversations occur between now and the 31st August. Set a date and time and let your guests know.
  • Have copies of the questions. You might want to print out information about the Engage and Participate in Mental Health project from this website and the Community Conversation form below (alternatively, the team can mail you a copy of everything you need). 
  • You could email your friends the information and questions before hand.
  • Take along some pens and paper or hand held device or lap top to record the key points and a clock or timer (you could use your phone too!).

What does the Conversation host do?
As the host of the Conversation your roles are:
1.  Chairing the Conversation and introducing each question
2.  Making sure the conversation stays on track and on time
3.  Calling for a volunteer to make a record of the key points
4.  Submitting the key points from your conversation to the project team.

What do guests at the Conversation do?
Contribute and have fun!

How do you provide your group’s contribution?
The options are:

1.  During the conversation you may like to use a handheld device or laptop to record the key points in response to each question .   Click on the pink bitton here to upload your file
   2.  After the conversation (or during),  click the yellow button here to copy or input your group’s conversation into the form and upload it directly.
3.  Using the form provided below, write up your responses and send back to us by:
·         Email: Ross.Craze@bigpond.com
·         Post: 10 Gunyah Place Glen Alpine NSW 2560

What do I do if I have a technical problem or need assistance?
Phone our friendly helpdesk and speak with Ross: M: 0428 242 879  or  E: Ross.Craze@bigpond.com