Sandi Taylor has organised some yarns with Indigenous people experiencing mental health and social and emotional wellbeing issues.
Yarn Up Online. 
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people experiencing mental health and social and emotional wellbeing issues are invited to a Yarn Up

What you tell us will help guide and improve ways for the National Mental Health Commission to better understand how to engage, participate and listen to the voices of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Consumers, Carers, Support People and Stakeholders across our Nation.

Your input to the Yarn Up will tell a story to the Commission about the most culturally appropriate, responsive and respectful ways to work with our People. 

To help you to begin the Yarn Up Online, you might want to consider the endorsed Social and Emotional Wellbeing Framework (2004) that outlined nine guiding principles to support and highlight the complex challenges facing our People with their Social and Emotional Wellbeing needs and considerations.
These areas are:
1.    Health as Holistic
2.    The right to self-determination
3.    The need for cultural understanding
4.    The impact of history in trauma and loss
5.    Recognition of human rights
6.    The impacts of racism and stigma
7.    Recognition of the centrality of kinship
8.    Recognition of cultural diversity
9.    Recognition of Aboriginal strengths

As Gee, Dudgeon, Schultz, Hart and Kelly say Social and Emotional Wellbeing of individuals, families and communities is shaped by connections to: body, mind and emotions, family and kinship, community, culture, land and spirituality. Social and emotional wellbeing is impacted when the connections are disrupted. 
© Kardi Lenoy 2017 - Kardi tells us that The Sea Country of ocean waves reflects the ebb and flow of people's moods and emotions. When people connect at these meeting places to yarn up, it grounds their social and emotional wellbeing which in turn strengthens harmony on Land Country

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are also invited to hold a Community Conversation or participate in a Web Consult. Please also encourage people you know to complete the Lived Experience Ideas or Online Stakeholder Survey.